Q: I have more than one cat–can they stay together?

A: Yes! Our suites are large enough to accommodate multiple cat families.

Q: Do you board kittens?

A: Yes, as long as your kitten has completed its vaccination requirements for FVCRP and Rabies. Please consult your veterinarian on age requirements for these vaccines.

Q: Will my cat have to stay in his suite all the time?

A: No. You may add one of our A la Carte Activities to your cat’s stay, such as Playtime, TLC, or our Nature Walk for the outdoorsy cat. Please ask our staff about these options for your pet.

Q: What about food for my cat?

A: Starr Pet Resort (formerly Starr Kennels) will provide your cat with a nutritionally balanced lamb and rice kibble and a variety of canned food options. However, you are more than welcome to bring your cat’s usual food with him. It is usually easier on your cat’s stomach to stay on the diet he’s used to eating. Please make sure if you do bring your cat’s food that it is pre-measured and bagged for each meal. Please do not bring your cat’s bowls or dishes. (We will provide these as they are sanitized daily.)

Q: What do I need to do before my cat comes to stay?

A: You should provide us with vaccination records for FVCRP and Rabies before your cat’s arrival (you may fax these to us). You can also make any grooming or A la Carte Activities arrangements prior to arrival.